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A Bartender’s Guide to Serve your
Guests with Confidence?

Being a professional bartender is one of the most fun jobs in the world. It requires a few skill sets to be the best bartender in the world. We have a group of experts that has created a comprehensive barkeeping course for you to refine your skill sets to get yourself a high-paying job. Following are the 7 best tips for you to serve your bar guest with confidence:

Explore your mixologist/cocktail making skills:

Mixology is one of the most interesting parts of any bartender’s life. How to make delicious cocktails is one of the crucial skill sets that any barkeep should know.
The best bartenders training institute in India advises new aspiring people seeking mixology as a profession to explore their cocktail-making skills as much as they can. Because your guest will know all the famous cocktail names and they will order their favorite ones.
But what will make them remember you as a bartender is a unique taste that you serve. Hence professional bartenders need to enhance their cocktail-making skills to stand out. The best mixology classes in Pune will ensure that your cocktails or mocktails will taste like one and not like cough syrup.
The top Bartending Courses in India will have all the classes you need to know about cocktails beyond famous and popular drinks like Martini or Margarita Mondays.

Keep your Bar Station Neat:

A good bartender needs to know his inventory and bar station very well. It will help you to do your job more efficiently when the bar is overloaded with guests. The top bartending academy in Pune will have a complete bar setup that will give you hands-on experience on how it will be on job. Another crucial thing that every bartender needs to ensure is to keep their bar station clean for every new guest. Hence, they need to be fast and efficient at cleaning to give the best experience to every guest that visits your counter. The bartender needs to ensure that his stocks are at an optimum level they need to serve their guests.

Get the best bartending course certificate:

A certification from the best bar school in India will have added weight to your resume. It is one of the most essential for aspiring individuals who want to pursue a successful career in the hospitality industry. Planet fluid provides various certified bartending courses for students to get jobs at established bars, shacks, hospitality brands, and other businesses.

Athithi Devo Bhav (Guest are God):

It is crucial for the bartenders to deliver a top-notch experience to their guests. It will help to establish a brand name for the bar on which you will work. Guest nowadays is looking for more than ordinary customer service; they expect a complete experience. Because people visit bars to enjoy themselves with their friends or relieve their frustration. Hence delivering a euphoric experience to their guest is a mandate for every barkeeper. The best bar schools in India will help aspiring bartending professionals with the tips and tricks to deliver a WoW experience to their guests. A professional flair bartending course in India will refine your flow arts skill sets and deliver a top-notch experience to your guests.

Understand what it looks like to be a professional bartender:

Before you start your journey to have a successful bartender career you need to know what it looks like to be on a checklist of the daily routine of a barkeeper’s job. It is a good industry to grow into but it needs a lot of physical energy and a person needs to be a multitasker to become the best bartender in the world. Following is a list of the daily chores that are a part of a bartender’s job.
● Sharing menu and taking guest orders.
● Preparing and serving cocktails and mocktails to the guest.
● Interacting with guests and establishing a relationship with the guest.
● Verifying the customer IDs to ensure the guests are above the legal age.
● Keeping the bar station clean.
● Tracking and refilling the bar stock.
● Operate the bar POS system and accept payments.
● Ensuring the guests are enjoying and having a great time.

Enhance your skill sets to become the best bartender in the world:

The hospitality industry is evolving because the customer and market demands are changing. Planet Fluid provides various advanced bartending courses in Pune for any working professional to enhance their skillsets. Following are a few bar jargons that will streamline your work as a bartender:
Jigger: A measuring device made from steel that has an hour shape. One side has the exact measurement of 1 one of liquor which is 30 ml. The other side has an exact measurement of ¼ ounce of liqueur which is 45 ml.
On the Rocks: which means the customer needs the drinks with ice. For instance XYZ whisky on the rocks.
Sangria: A cocktail made from twine as the base with triple sec, juice, and fruit.
Virgin: When a customer refers to this that means he wants cocktails without alcohol.
For instance, they usually order virgin bloody mary, and virgin margarita Monday.
Pony: It is a shot that is equivalent to 1 ounce.
Flame: Putting the drink on fire.
Cocktail: A mixture of different alcoholic drinks with soft drinks and shaken.
Bar spoon: An elongated spoon to stir the drinks well.
Blends: It helps the bartenders to mix the drinks with ice cubes depending on the ordered drink.
Back: Miniature glass that is accompanied by a drink.
Chaser: A drink drank immediately after consuming a shooter.
Dash: A minute amount of ingredient

Learn from the best and get placed in the best bar in the town:

The best bartending academy in India has a faculty of experienced professors. Such faculty has eclectic experience in the industry which will help you to learn from the best. Such academies have connections with the top established bars in the town to get you a job as per your skillset. Getting experience from the best bars will have a weightage on your portfolio.


To become a professional bartender in India; one needs to have skill sets and must be able to multitask. The best bar school will help aspiring individuals to become successful bartenders and have a fruitful career. A comprehensive advanced bartending course that has practical training will assist you to land yourself a high-paying job in the industry.

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