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What is flair bartending and which is the best bartending course in India?

Flair bartending is a skill that every bartender should have to stand out from the crowd. It is such a skill that will steal people’s attention for some time and make them feel astonished. But there are not many bartenders that know the skillset, which they can learn with ease. The best bartending academy in Pune has many mixology courses that are practically oriented which gives you hands-on experience. In this blog, let us have a look at what is flair bartending and which are the top professional flair bartender classes in India.

What is flair bartending?

Professional flair bartender is a high-paying job post that all the top bars will have. Flair bartending is nothing but a technique that barkeeps can perform to entertain their guests while they make cocktails or drinks for them. It is a kind of flow art form that is a set of tricks and presentations that is an aesthetic that lures people’s attention. The best flair bartending techniques include flipping, spinning, and balancing liquor bottles, shakers, and glassware, and pouring drinks in a special way. It is a perfect way to enrich the guest experience and keep them entertained during their bar visit.

How to become a professional flair bartender in India?

Planet Fluid is one of the best bartending institutes in Pune that will help young aspirants to achieve their dreams. We are a team of professionals with eclectic experience in the field that gives you the in-depth knowledge to become the best bartender in the world. We have compiled a few tips that will help you become a professional bartender in India.

Set a goal:

You need to do some research about different flair types before you enroll in any bartending courses near you. The easiest and usually found flair technique is working flair, which includes simple ways to do it. If you want to learn to become a professional flair bartender, you need to set a goal for yourself. Because there is no small or big dream that you cannot achieve without setting a goal for yourself. The first step to achieving your goal should be looking out for the top bartending courses in India.

Bartenders are a complete package:

As discussed earlier, a bartender is a complete package at the bar that welcomes the guest, serves them, and collects their payment. They have to serve multiple guests and need to know how to make the ordered drink. Hence, certified bartenders know hospitality skills and know various kinds of drinks. The best bartending academy in Pune will teach you all the skills that you need to serve the right drinks, entertain your guests and leave a long-lasting impression on them. Because they have designed the bartending course in a way that gives you theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge of the field. Furthermore, they will teach you soft skills to create a charm and keep a positive attitude during the client interactions.

Select the best course:

Various certified bartending courses in India cover different aspects of hospitality. As a young aspirant that wants to start a career in professional bartending, you might get overwhelmed with the options you have. You need to select the best course that aligns with your dreams, goals, and vision. Our team of counselors can help you to understand which course will be the best for you and the bartender course fees in Pune. If you want to become a professional flair bartender, we have a wide range of advanced bartending courses for you to pursue.

Practice makes the bartender perfect:

It is crucial to enroll in the best bartending classes to learn from the best. The advanced bartending courses in India are practically oriented courses that give you enough practice on all the techniques. Furthermore, the top bartending academy in Pune will have the best faculty that will give real insights and tips from the industry. The students get ample time to practice their techniques and refine their skill sets.

Become a professional flair bartender:

Being one of the bartending schools in India, we create professionals that have polished skill sets that outshine the others. We teach skillsets that help young bartending aspirants to get a bartending job with ease. Furthermore, we connect with the elite bars in Pune that want to hire skilled and talented professional flair bartenders to work with their bar. Flair bartenders are one of the highest-paying jobs in the food and bar industry. Moreover, they also get a good amount of tips for their talent, skill sets, and entertainment they provide.

What are the best tips to become a professional flair bartender?

We have made a comprehensive guide that will assist you to become a professional bartender:

Customer Happiness is the key:

One of the crucial and basic skill sets that every bartender in the world should learn is hospitality. The best bartender in the world will know all the soft skills to treat their customer with respect and enrich their experience. Even though it is a fun and interesting career to make the most out of, no one can become a professional flair bartender without knowing how to make their customers happy. The top bartending schools in India will teach all the hospitality etiquettes to enhance the client experience.

Keep the basics bartending techniques:

Flair bartending is an additional skill set that will give a good paycheque at the end of the month. But that does not mean that you lose out on the basic barkeeping skills and just focus completely on flair. A flair bartender should also be a good mixologist or a cocktail maker that makes the best mocktails or cocktails in the town. The best bartending institute in India will give you comprehensive courses that give you a professional certification after successful completion of the course.

What are the basic flair bartending techniques for newbies?

We have compiled a few basic and easy flair bartending techniques that beginners can practice to become perfect. The advanced bartending courses will cover all of the following techniques and many more advanced techniques:

  1. Basic flip.
  2. Ice throwing.
  3. Bottle stalls.
  4. Palm spin.
  5. Ten out of ten.
  6. Tin pivots.
  7. Pour cuts.
  8. Spoon flip.

What bar equipment does a flair bartender use?

The following pieces of equipment are the bread and butter for all the flair bartenders in the world.

  1. Flair bottle.
  2. Tin cocktail shaker.
  3. Collision bar spoon.
  4. Jigger.
  5. Bars service spill mat.


Professional flair bartending is one of the most fun, interesting, and high-paying jobs in the world. It is essential to have skill sets to be the best bartender in the world that knows how to flair. The top bartending schools in India will have a wide range of professional flair bartending courses that will help you to become a master of the art.

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