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Best Rapid Bartending Course In Goa, India

Rapid Bartending Course

  • Mode – Classroom Course
  • Duration – 1 Months
  • Location – Only in Porvorim, Goa Academy
  • Hours – 5 Hours per day, 5 days per week, Monday to Friday
  • Admission procedure and Fee structure – ₹25,000/-


  • Full Day Batch

Student Kit

  • Uniform
  • Mixology Kit
  • Flair Kit
  • Library Card
  • Flair Checklist
  • Event Form

Theory Syllabus

  • Innovative Cocktails
  • Molecular Mixology
  • Latest techniques
  • Fermentation technique
  • Crystal Ice Carving
  • Modern garnishes
  • Syrup making
  • Infusion and bitters making
  • How to set up minimal House Bar
  • Legal and FLR of Bar

Practical in live Bar

  • Bar Tricks
  • Bar Games
  • Fire flair
  • Work flair
  • Exhibition flair
  • Cocktail Making
  • Cocktail Trials
  • Cocktail Serving
  • Serving Techniques
  • With the increasing globalization of all cultures, there is an increased demand for skilled and qualified bartenders from around the world.
  • A new trend of “Cocktails Bar” is catching up fast, where restaurants that specialize in a particular cuisine are now serving their set of signature cocktails.
  • In any crowded bar, there is a niche requirement for bartenders with skill and flair to entice customers to stay longer. It is also the exceptional and customized service provided by a skilled bartender that can ensure the repeated return of customers to a particular bar, club or lounge.
  • Bars and pubs are opening at a remarkably high rate in India, since 2010, which makes it easier for people who work in this industry to find jobs suitable to their desired work hours and location.
  • The job requirements and openings have grown with the increase in demand for skilled bartenders and mixologists.
  • To fulfil this demand bartenders seeking jobs require an extensive education, and well-rounded training, and experience.
  • Growth of this industry will only continue to increase exponentially in future as there is a growing demand for premium cocktails among millennials.
  • Planetfluid is India’s first bartending academy with their very own operational bar set up. This bartending school has taken a brand new approach to mixology training by setting up an operational cocktail bar in their premises that allows students to prepare and serve different cocktails in real life settings. The idea behind this is to provide classroom training along with hands on experience.
  • The first phase of classes is meant to teach students the basic principles behind making cocktails and proper techniques for serving them to customers. However, this knowledge can only truly be mastered after practicing in a real bar environment alongside skilled professionals. To do so, during the last few weeks of the training, students are placed in clubs, pubs, and lounge bars for training to get firsthand experience.
  • Systematic approach for learning.
  • Certified and experience educator and flair trainer.
  • Experience oriented training Programme.
  • Hands-on practical knowledge of fermentation and distillation.
  • 150 cocktails – Classic l Contemporary l Innovative
  • 20 Plus molecular cocktails
  • 15 days certified Bar training
  • Beverage brand visits
  • Brand training and tasting session
  • Industrial visits – Star Properties, Standalone restaurants and bars, Wineries, Breweries
  • Library and study room
  • In house cocktail competition
  • Flair room access during and after completion of course
  • Expert’s session on how to crack interviews
  • Expert sessions on how to prepare for various cocktail competitions
  • 100 % Assistance for job placement
  • Earn While You Learn (Bartending events)
  • Planetfluid Academy aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience to its students; To not only provide theoretical knowledge to enrolled students, but to develop their Knowledge, Practical Skills, Confidence and Personality
  • Based at 2 locations, One in the heart of Pune’s Night Life Destination – “Koregaon Park” and Second in Goa’s City Center – “Porvorim” on NH 17
  • Classroom is fully equipped with modern bar tools and equipment
  • Limited classroom seats for personalized attention
  • Modern classroom with digital equipment
  • India’s 1st open flair room with floor rubber mats and sound system
  • Library and reading room
  • Video library for flair and mixology
  • Dedicated canteen area
  • Lobby and lounge area
  • Secured place with camera surveillance
  • Parking area

Planetfluid bartender’s community is a social group of our academy’s alumni network, where we have all the updates of current job openings and upcoming contemporary brands in the market. This community offers opportunity to our students to apply for new jobs at various locations. The community not only helps fresh candidates passing out from the academy but continues to help the entire alumni network to find or switch jobs even years after students pass out from the academy.

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